The One Kind Signature Sleeper: The Best and Softest Baby Pajamas

When we set out to design the best baby pajamas, we had no idea the journey this would become.  Three years of development with countless iterations, prototypes, and design changes have created the Signature Sleepers that you see today.  They are not only the softest, eco-friendly baby pajamas you'll find, but they're designed to be the most functional, parent-friendly item of clothing that you'll buy your baby.

Best Baby Pajamas - Softest Footed Pajama that zips from top to bottom with inseam zipper

Here's why we absolutely love this sleeper:

1. Inseam zippers for easy diaper changes  

Our signature in-seam zippers give parents easy access to the diaper - drastically reducing the pain and effort of those late night diaper changes with a tired, crying baby.  The inseam zipper allows the parent to remove only the lower half of the baby from the clothing, ensuring your baby stays as warm as possible during the diaper change.  Our favorite part - NO SNAPS!!  If you've ever had to align what feels like 100 snaps on a kicking, squirming baby in the cold, dark night, you'll know how quickly this becomes the most difficult thing you'll do in a day.  We've solved this problem with our easy open & close zippers!

2. Made from buttery soft Bamboo Jersey and French Terry

Our entire line is made from the most luxurious bamboo fabric that wraps your little one in a buttery soft sleeper that keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Our winter line of sleepers is made in a slightly heavier Bamboo French Terry while our summer line is made from a light Bamboo Jersey.

3. Hand and Foot Cuffs

Our sleepers all come with fold-over hand and foot cuffs, so you dont have to worry about tracking down teeny, tiny baby socks at bedtime or little mitts in the cooler months.  Traditional footed-sleepers can be so restrictive in length as your baby grows, so we designed our fold-over cuffs to give you a little extra wear.

4. Full body zipper

Our double zipper Signature Sleeper gives you additional functionality for dressing and undressing your baby.  Both zippers are lined with a protection lining and flap at the neck, keeping baby safe as you zip in and out.

5. They're made by moms, for moms

Our entire collection was designed by moms who 1. love to shop and 2. want their baby looking their best in clothes that are practical and save mom time wherever possible.  Our entire line is manufactured locally in the USA and every piece is inspected for quality. We adore this collection and know you will too!