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Stay Safe And Save Halloween!

As a true lover of Halloween myself, I completely empathize with my kids as it becomes clear that Halloween is going to, simply put, look different this year.  Most of us have accepted that this fall will be like none other, with the majority of people still working from home and kids in many states starting the school year via distance learning.  

It's still unclear if cities will put a ban on trick-or-treating as the date approaches, a new Harris Poll survey revealed that only 27% of respondents plan to take their kids trick-or-treating this year.  Here are some great alternative ideas to traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating that will give your kiddos a great experience on the 31st:

- Set up a pinata filled with the Halloween candy they love in your front or back yard

- Create a haunted house in your own home or garage.  Pantry items like cooked spaghetti can feel like slippery worms, peeled grapes like eyeballs and Jello like brains to the little ones in the dark!

- Set up a candy scavanger hunt at home that will keep the kids busy for hours

- Check out Netflix for an evening of scary movies and popcorn

- Leave a bowl of candy at the end of your driveway, and the kids can wave to trick-or-treaters from the door or window

Regardless of which option you land on, the kids will undoubtedly still want to dress up.  Check out our graphic bamboo crewnecks for a quick, simple costume that your kiddo can wear through the entire fall/winter season.


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