Comfort Is Key: A Guide to the Most Comfy Newborn Outfits

Comfort Is Key: A Guide to the Most Comfy Newborn Outfits

Comfort Is Key: A Guide to the Most Comfy Newborn Outfits

The baby clothes industry is booming!

This worldwide market valued at 135.5 billion in 2018 with numbers like that the products available are almost limitless. But that amount of options to a sleep-deprived, overwhelmed parent can be paralyzing. 

If you're that overwhelmed parent, we've got your back. Since we're probably getting more sleep than you, we created a guide to finding the most comfortable newborn outfits. Keep reading for our tips to finding the best for your babe. 

Fabric Is King

Safety is obviously of the utmost importance for any parent who is buying newborn clothes. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, all non-flame retardant clothing needs to be snug-fitting.

If the clothes have to fit snug, that fabric better be as soft as possible!

Not all fabrics are created equally, even if advertised as "soft" or "cuddly" it may not be the quality you are looking for. 

Bamboo is one fabric you can count on for that high quality. This type of fabric has several benefits like being chemical-free, easy to clean, soothing texture, and added warmth. It really is a perfect choice for baby sleep outfits. 

Your baby is so soft you probably can't help but touch their skin, return the favor and get them some soft clothes. 

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

If you can believe it, the quality and texture of the fabric are not the only important things to look for when choosing types of baby clothes. Temperature control also plays a big role in your baby's comfort level. 

The tricky thing about babies is they can't tell you how they feel. 

So how do we know if they are hot or cold? The thing is, we really don't. But having options to switch things up if they seem unhappy can ease some of those internal battles parents have. 

These baby sleepers feature fold-over cuffs for both the hands and the feet, which provide a variety of combinations to help your baby feel as comfortable as possible. 

The cuffs also help clothing pieces to transition from season to season much more seamlessly. And when you're continually buying clothes for a growing baby, transition pieces are lifesavers. 

Day to Night Newborn Outfits

Not only do parents need pieces that transition between seasons, they also (and probably more importantly) need pieces that transition from night to day seamlessly. 

Let's face it, sometimes in those early months with a baby day and night don't mean a dang thing. It all just blurs together!

Having these kinds of pieces that can work as pajamas but look like a thoughtful outfit can make those rough nights turned mornings where you still have to function much more bearable. Neutral rompers or one-pieces are easy for baby to wear no matter the activity. 

If you have to see that cute face at all hours, the least you can do is make sure there are adorable clothes involved.

Wash Wash Wash 

If you've ever been around a baby for any period of time you know they are not naturally clean beings. 

Spit up, blowouts, drool, milk spills it's all a part of the game with them. 

The washability and durability of baby clothing are also key for optimal comfort levels. We've all washed something that shouldn't have been washed and the fabric was never the same. Stiff, scratchy, crunchy are not words you want to use to describe the clothes your newborn is wearing. 

Check for fabrics that can easily be washed without high maintenance instructions. The need for multiple washings will be there, so make sure the pieces you are buying will stand up to those tests. 

Enjoy the Change

Alright, let's just talk about the action that causes a good majority of washing needs in baby clothes; diaper changes. 

For obvious reasons, this task can be very uncomfortable for both the baby and the parents. But with the right types of clothing, at least the baby can be much more comfortable! (Even if you have to plug your nose and hold back the gags!)

Imagine having to get completely undressed in order to use the restroom every time. What a nightmare. 

But that's what it is like for our babies. 

Instead, opt for a type of pajama that allows for a partial undress to change the diaper without having to take it all off. These pajamas have extra zippers for easy diaper access.

Who knows, maybe you can become a ninja master and complete a sleeping baby diaper change without waking them up. 

One can dream at least. 

Do Your Best

When you become a parent there is no shortage of information coming at you constantly from all directions. Add all of that to the emotional changes of now being responsible for this human being, man it can be too much sometimes! 

Every parent wants to do their best and give their child the best they can. And that includes the clothes that they put on their backs. 

Luckily, babies seem to have a pretty low number of expectations when it comes to their clothing; they just want it to not bug them. 

It seems easy enough to pull off in the grand scheme of things. But the sheer number of options available can actually make this task just another overwhelming one. 

Instead of letting that get you down, follow these guidelines we've been talking about to narrow down your search. 

Better yet, shop around here because these newborn outfits definitely pass the comfort test in all of the categories! Your baby and their sweet, sweet soft skin will thank you! 

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