3 Secrets for Staying Productive and  Your Sanity While Working From Home

3 Secrets for Staying Productive and Your Sanity While Working From Home

We all know that staying at home with small children is a full-time job in itself — but that job gets much harder when you’re also expected to work from home. Screaming children running around your desk doesn’t exactly make for the best work flow. We’re going to divulge a few secrets that will allow you to keep your sanity while attempting to juggle the duties of being a parent and an employee (sometimes it can feel like we are employees to our children too). Here are a few tried and true tips and tricks that will allow you to take better control of your environment:

1. Get Up Early

While getting up early isn’t exactly the most appealing thing in the world on a Monday morning, you will be better off if you start your day before the kids wake up. The more work that you’re able to do before they roll out of bed — the more time you will be able to spend with them later in the day. Another great window of opportunity is when they lie down for a nap; their nap time can be your crunch time.

2. Prepare Snacks Beforehand

Hunger seems to strike at the most inconvenient times. Try preparing snacks or sandwiches for your kids the night before a long work day. When they come to you while you’re on an important call with your boss, you can direct them to the yummy snacks waiting for them in the fridge.

3. Plan Activities

While the easiest solution for getting the kids to settle down is to stick them in front of a tablet or the television, you could plan a few simple activities that will boost their cognitive thinking skills and/or get their creative juices flowing. You could set up an arts and crafts station or challenge them to build an awesome fort! Keeping them busy is the key.

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