Double Zipper Bamboo Baby Sleeper | French Terry


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Introducing the most luxurious AND functional sleeper you'll ever find.  We promise. 

Designed with both parents and babies in mind.  Here's why we're so excited about them:

- Late night diaper changes become a breeze with our in-seam zippers. No more undressing your entire babe in the middle of the night with two-way or body zippers, exposing them to the shock of the cold while they're half asleep and fussing. No more fumbling with never-matching snaps in the dark with your kicking, angry babe.

- Double Zipper (body and in-seam) allow for easy dressing & undressing via body zip or in-seam zip.

- They're made from buttery soft, sustainable, temperature regulating, hypoallergenic, antibacterial bamboo fabric.  The french terry is thick, cozy, and perfect for fall & winter.  Your baby will be swaddled in the softest, coziest cocoon all night long.

- All sizes come with Foldover hand and foot cuffs, protecting your little ones hands (especially those newborns!) and feet from the cold and those long baby nails.

- They're designed with extra length in the arms and legs, extending the wear of each of our sleepers.

- All our products are Chemical free.  Our sleepwear is designed to be snug-fitting in compliance with the CPSC sizing guidelines, so we dont have to treat our fabric with any nasty, toxic chemicals that can irritate or harm your little one.

Fabric content: 66% bamboo, 28% cotton, 6% spandex

Double Zipper Bamboo Baby Sleeper | French Terry

Double Zipper Bamboo Baby Sleeper | French Terry